What I DO for yoU


There are several important elements to ensure a smooth planning process. I will lead you through the process and assist you with the following.

-Budget Management

-Design & Layout

-Vendor Relations

-Logistics & Implementation

-Stress Management

Please take a look below for further important aspects regarding the above elements:



Your budget is one of the most important parts of the planning process. It is one of the determining factors in the final design. I keep track of your budget by creating for you a personalized Excel spreadsheet to keep you abreast of all expenses, savings, and necessary information.  Your spreadsheet is a helpful tool in staying on track with both your dreams and your budget. 



Your design vision is of great importance in achieving an event that you will cherish for a lifetime. Very often, brides come to me with the beginnings of a vision, but no idea how to define or achieve it. By listening, really hearing, and exploring options, together we bring that vision into sharp focus.

Once defined, I present you with creative options appropriate for the design.  I will aid you in making the selections that will bring that vision to life. I will provide you with a CAD (computerized architectural drawing) to scale of the event for your approval. The CAD then becomes an invaluable tool to ensure that each of your vendors "see" your vision from the earliest planning stages through the completion of your event. 

No detail, from the largest to the most seemingly minor is left out.  They are all equally important to bring about a wedding that is coordinated with dimension, scale, and level of formality to flow together perfectly. 


As a planner, I will research, recommend, and contact the appropriate vendors for each of the many elements needed to create your beautiful event. 

Vendors view me as a repeat customer, not a one time client. Because of this, I am able to negotiate on your behalf with a clear advantage. This simple difference allows me to consistently save my brides a considerable amount, as well as positions your wedding to an advantage over the one time customer.



The day of your wedding, I am the first one in and the last one out. My assistant and I will be there to provide total coordination of all the details and logistics to be sure that your day flows smoothly. 

Beginning two weeks before your wedding, I will revise all necessary areas in accordance with your confirmed guest list and confirm all logistics with each of your vendors.

I will provide detailed timelines for you including hair, makeup, photography, and transportation as well as one for your wedding party, detailing the weekend.

I also provide each of your vendors with a logistics timeline for the wedding day to endure that they are all working from the same plan and allowing each the time needed to do their best for you. 

I will handle the pickup and delivery of all the various elements of your wedding; the little details such as programs, escort cards, signage, and other personalized items. 

From setting up the bride's room to seeing you safely to your 'get away' car, I will be there to assist and support you!