We absolutely loved everything about our wedding that Alice planned down to the tiniest detail! It was executed flawlessly, I was cool as a cucumber and completely free of stress or worry, and enjoyed the most amazing party! The only thing I would change is to figure out how to fit more time into the evening. It was so much fun I didn’t want it to end! Everyone who came said it was “hands down the best wedding” they’d attended. We got rave reviews about the food, the drinks, the band, the decor, and all the little detail touches. Michael adored his groom’s cake and he was so surprised by it! Alice and her team of trusted vendors put so much into making our day 100% ours and 110% special! And because she was taking care of all the details, I was truly able to relax. I was actually surprised at how laid back I was all day, from the moment we started hair and makeup through the entire evening and the farewell sendoff. To top it off, I more than saved with all of my vendors what I invested in hiring Alice, and that’s only because she has wonderful professional relationships with these vendors and then passes along that savings to me. I highly recommend Alice Hendry as a wedding planner to anyone who’s getting married, whether you’re considering hiring a planner or not. Take my advice and do it. You won’t regret spending your time and energy focused on your husband, family, friends and fun instead of tending to the details of a major event production. That’s what wedding planning is, and Alice is simply superb at what she does!
— Sarah - bride

Alice, our big day was simply not possible without you, who I’ve nicknames the “Belle Meade Whisperer.” You were always one step ahead and treated us with respect and kindness. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
— Brian - groom
Dear Alice, This special thank you is long overdue- we cannot express how grateful we are for the wonderful work you did planning and executing our wedding! We would never have had so many unique touches without you- from the bourbon tasting to the vintage car send off- you helped us create a wedding that was so special and really felt like us! It was such a joy to get to enjoy the day without worrying about any of the details- which all turned out beautifully! Thank you so much!
— Natasha - bride

Dearest Alice, words are not adequate enough to describe the emotions we all experienced on the day of the marriage of Laura Ann and Roger. Euphoria might be a good word to use that carried all of us from the ceremony to the reception. We will cherish this day for the rest of our lives thanks to you. If someone asked me to describe you I would answer with “memory maker”, genteel, attentive, professional in all respects, passionate for her profession just to mention a few. I could go on and on but time does not permit. You definitely delivered wonderful memories that we will not forget... you and Laura Ann were right on with the “rustic/elegance theme”. You were the maestro and Laura Ann was the concertmaster. The combination of your vendors and our vendors were woven to perfection. You did a magnificent job in working the Birmingham turf. We were so fortunate.
In my estimation, our relationship has grown from an employer/employee to a very special lasting friendship for years to come. Your dedication and love for us in making this very important milestone in our lives so memorable will be a lifetime treasure.
We all love you “Miss Alice”, the lady with a timeline in more ways than one!
— Jim - father of the bride

Alice, thank you Alice for all you did to make our son’s wedding a memorable day. Your professional, organized, and calm demeanor during the wedding festivities allowed my husband and I (and the wedding party) to be relaxed so we could enjoy the day without stress. No question or task you were asked was too out of the ordinary or too insignificant for you to handle with warmth and sincerity to assure us you were in control and things were going well. You are the calm in the midst of the storm! We appreciate your expertise – it was a day we will never forget.
— Debbie and Rick - parents of the groom

Dear Alice, thank you so much for all you did to make Lindsay’s wedding “the best wedding we have ever attended”! You took care of every detail flawlessly! Lindsay and V (and Oprey) were all so calm and relaxed the entire weekend because we knew you were taking care of everything and completely trusted you! Your calm demeanor and the way you asked people to do what you needed them to do was extraordinary- you are such a kind and nice person and it is obvious that you love what you do and are exceptional at planning and executing a bride’s vision of her dream wedding as you did for Lindsay! The wedding was elegant and fun- just as we had wanted it to be! I can’t imagine trying to plan and execute such an event without you at the helm! Thank you so much- I will be forever grateful! I will continue to sing your praises!
— Kathy - mother of the bride

Alice, Thank you so so much for everything!!!! Last night was perfect and could never have been possible without you! Thank you for all of your hard work, time, and dedication to making last night the most special night of our lives! We love you!!!!!!!!
— Elizabeth - bride